• Your car's repair is our business. New Haven Truck builds trust and confidence by adhering to the highest standards in the industry as a DuPont Assurance of Quality shop. Our commitment to high quality workmanship guarantees the repair of body damage with no noticable difference from the original bodywork.  These superior results are achieved through the use of skilled, experienced technicians, the highest quality DuPont and PPG paints and materials, and New Haven Truck' own high quality standards and quality assurance procedures.

  • Paintless Dent Removal- Small dents are removed by pushing them out from the inside using specialized tools.  The outside of the vehicle is not touched so that the paint and clear coats aren't broken, preserving the vehicle's original finish. The removal of most dents can be accomplished within minutes, while you wait and can save up to 70% of conventional repair costs.

  • Painting and Minor Body Work- Larger dents and deep scratches are removed and repainted by experienced repair technicians using the highest quality DuPont and PPG paints and materials. The DuPont spectravision camera and computerized paint mixing system are used to match your paint exactly. The difference between New Haven Truck and expensive collision shop and dealerships is that our process is much more focused and streamlined.  This high quality, proven technolology provides superior results.

  • Plastic Bumper Repair- Newly developed materials allow plastic bumpers to be repaired and repainted at a fraction of replacement costs.  Plastic compounds can be applied to damaged areas, creating a physical bond with the same strength as a new bumper and with significant cost savings.

  • Overall Paint jobs- We offer the highest quality overall paint jobs, especially for select late model automoblies where no color change is desired.  When a car's value warrants a factory quality job, our ability to color match and our perfectionism and cleanliness are far superior to other paint shops.  Color match

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